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Customers Served: No way you’d be able to verify


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Clients we love with all our 💖

Why Is Your Life Incomplete Without Us

Quicker Than Your Ex

Everything you’ve ever wanted (we mean content-wise, obviously we can’t give you happiness) without having to wait around forever. Let us take care of your content writing needs while you sit back and relax, knowing it’ll turn up faster than the time it took your ex to reply after disappearing for a few days (not sure what came to your mind when you read quicker than your ex).

We’ve Our Way With Words!

We love using big words to sound photosynthesis. Wait,! See what we did there? Need quality content but don't trust anyone to write it? Our team of inept, sub-par, and generally mediocre writers will have you scratching your head in disbelief at how we manage to create anything decent at all (... somehow). 

We ❤️ You

At The Mediocre Co., our heart beats for you! Well, maybe not literally, because that would be super weird. But we figuratively love each and every client with the full force of our ventricles and atriums! We're crazy about helping people in a totally middle-of-the-road kind of way. We'd walk 500 miles, and we would walk 500 more to serve our clients.

Prices so Reasonable, You're Practically Stealing From Us

Have you ever felt like you were pretty much stealing something, but still totally within the confines of the law? That’s what it’s like when you get freelance content-writing services from The Mediocre Co. Our prices are so reasonable that it almost feels too good to be true. We’re talking lower-than-the-bottom-of-the-bottom bargain bin prices(not really). So, why not try us out for freelance writing services?

Quality You Just Can’t Beat

Don't let the name fool ya. We may be Mediocre, but our content is just oh-so-good! Quality you JUST CAN’T BEAT. We promise to make sure your content stands out from the rest and never fails to deliver… unlike other writing teams and freelancers who don’t always show up when they should. From "meh" to magnificent, that's us, folks.