Stunning Graphic Design & Engaging Social Media Content

Design that Pops, Not Flops

Dive into the graphic design world where stunning isn’t a goal; it's a guarantee. Our graphic designers bring your visions to life, no fluff, just phenomenal visuals that speak volumes.

We Talk But Less Than Our Copy

From concept to execution, we're not just social media consultants; we're your content co-conspirators. Our engaging social media content is crafted for thumb-stopping moments, where they have a dialogue with the audience.

Near, Far, We're Where You Are

No need to search 'graphic designer near me' endlessly. Our doors are open to transform your ideas into visual masterpieces. Whether across town or continents, we bring top-notch graphic design and social media expertise right to your digital doorstep.

Dynamic Social Media Content That Connects

Want a makeover with the social media content? We won’t bore you with clichés or any promises of million followers. We’re here to add personality to your online presence. If your current content is making you feel like elevator music, we’re here to turn it into trendy music that you’d hear on a loop. Dive in if you’re ready for a content revolution that’s as sassy as it is effective. Because, well, vanilla is for ice cream, not your social media. 

Strategic Spice

Forget bland and predictable. We sprinkle strategic spice into your social media content, ensuring each post is a flavorful blend of relevance and resonance. Your audience won't just stop; they'll savor.

Quirk Without the Cringe

No one likes cringe-worthy social media content. We add a dash of quirkiness that's smart, subtly funny, and never (we try to) ventures into rude territory, making your brand stand out with confidence.

Trend Mastery

Staying ahead in the social media game means riding the waves of trends. Our social media specialists ensure your content is not just hoping on trends but way ahead of it, making your brand the talk of the virtual town.

Explore Bold Designs With Mediocre Graphic Designers

Plunge into a world where your design game isn’t just stuck in the past like last season’s fashion. Forget the “best” title—our graphic designers don’t just sip creativity; they chug it.  Say goodbye to bland visuals and hello to a design awakening. Your brand deserves more than a lukewarm cup; it deserves the caffeine kick of our freelance graphic designers. Our bold designs will make your competitors feel like they brought a crayon to a color fight. We might be The Mediocre Company – but “mediocre” is just a name, not our game. 

No Design Safety Nets

Safety nets are for circus acts, not graphic design. We don't play it safe; we dive headfirst into the pool of audacity, creating designs that make waves and ripples, not gentle splashes.

Best is Subjective, Bold is Objective

Who needs the "best graphic designer" when you can have the boldest? Our graphic designers don't chase titles; they chase jaw-dropping designs that leave your competition questioning their life choices.

Creativity On Tap, Anytime, Anywhere:

Forget waiting for a "creative mood" – our freelance graphic designers have creativity on tap. It's not a mood; it's a lifestyle. And we're here to inject it into your brand's veins.

Fonts Have Feelings Too

Comic Sans got you down? Our graphic designers speak fluent font and know which ones are throwing a party and which ones are sobbing in the corner. Your brand deserves font therapy.

Designs That Age Like Fine Wine, Not Milk

Trends fade; timeless design doesn't. Our graphic designers create visuals that withstand the test of time. Say goodbye to designs that expire faster than milk in the sun.

The Mediocre Company, The Extraordinary Designs

We may call ourselves "mediocre," but that's just a ploy. Our designs are anything but ordinary. It's like calling a lion a kitty – cute in theory, terrifying in reality. The same goes for our designs.

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Social media content writing is like hosting a massive backyard bash, but instead of inviting just your buddies, you're throwing the doors open to the entire internet. The mission? Craft content so good that it makes people pause, stare at their screens, and go, "Whoa, this person is legit brilliant."

Imagine being the ultimate cool cat, not by passing out friendship bracelets, but by dropping wisdom bombs and making your audience laugh. You become the master of snappy lines, the ruler of witty captions, and the empress of visuals that make people pause on their endless scrolling.

In short, social media content writing is about writing content that everyone wants to share, like, and read it again. ​

Yes, many of our clients opt for this integrated approach. Hiring both a social media content writer and a graphic designer ensures a cohesive strategy and visual representation across your social media channels.

Yes, The Mediocre Co. offers customized packages tailored to meet each client's unique social media content and graphic design needs. We understand that every business is different and has different goals and requirements when it comes to their social media presence and visual branding.

Our team starts by learning about your business, your target audience, what platforms you want to focus on, and what kind of content resonates best with your followers. Based on this discovery process, we will create a customized package proposal outlining the specific services, platforms, content creation, and graphic design assets that would work best for you each month.

Some examples of how we customize packages for social media content and graphic designing services:

  • Number of posts per week per platform (based on goals/bandwidth)
  • Craft customized content calendars aligned with your unique goals
  • Development of customized branding guidelines
  • Graphic design for social media visuals, ads, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Utilize different content formats to keep your social media presence fresh and exciting. This could include eye-catching posts, exciting reels, or  interactive polls.
  • Art of storytelling, crafting compelling captions that resonate with your audience, & evoking emotions.

We typically have a minimum contract period, which varies based on the service package. However, we also offer flexible terms to accommodate short-term projects and specific needs.

Absolutely! Our team of freelance social media content writers are experienced in creating content tailored to a wide range of industries. We match you with professionals who have expertise in your specific business sector.

Yes, we understand the importance of aligning content and designs with your brand's vision. Our freelance social media content writers and graphic designers are open to feedback and allow a set number of revisions within the project scope to ensure the final output meets your satisfaction.

Step 1: Spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media.
Step 2: Convince yourself that scrolling through memes counts as 'market research.'
Step 3: Learn the actual skills (yes, real ones) for effective social media content writing.
Step 4: Scratch all that and join us at The Mediocre Co., where you’ll fall in love with our freelance social media content writer & freelance graphic designer, but just a heads up, they will love you but as friends.

Because your brand deserves more than stick figures and clip art. Our designers can actually tell the difference between teal and turquoise, and they know that 'making it pop' doesn't involve balloons. They transform your 'I don’t know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it' into something visually stunning.

Our packages are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get, but it's always sweet. From "Barely There" for businesses that think social media is a fad, to "The Whole Shebang" for those who believe every moment is a tweetable opportunity.

Disclaimer: We can neither confirm nor deny the inclusion of cat memes, dog filters, or Instagram Reels dance challenges (Moye Moye).

More like 'occasional fancy coffee' affordable. We price our services knowing that you probably don't have a treasure chest buried in your backyard. Our rates are a perfect match for those who value quality but also enjoy finding loose change in the sofa cushions.

Absolutely. And by 'push buttons,' we mean navigating complex design software with the precision of a brain surgeon, and by 'make things pretty,' we mean translating your brand’s essence into visually compelling stories. It's a walk in the park – if the park was on fire and you had to design the fire exit sign.

At The Mediocre Co., our team's talent is inversely proportional to our ability to take ourselves seriously. Need help managing your social media or graphic design without the usual boring content? We’re here, armed with wit and a slightly questionable sense of humor.