Our Mediocre Journey!


1997: A Legend is Born

The world, unaware of its luck, welcomed Devam Gala. Little did they know, he was destined to become half the brain behind The Mediocre Co. Little did anyone know, he'd be the future king of the 'meh'.

1998: The Backbone Appears

Enter Zeel Shah, the other half of what would become a duo celebrated for their extraordinary love of being extraordinarily ordinary. She was born with a pen in hand and a knack for turning words into magic (or at least, into something readable).

Fast Forward to the 2010s: Poetry and Friendship

Zeel, finding love in words, began crafting poetry. Meanwhile, Devam and Zeel’s paths crossed, a friendship bloomed, and then... poof! It was as brief as a sitcom episode.

2015: A Dropout Odyssey

Devam, in a twist of fate, embarked on a CA journey, only to discover it was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Realizing that calculators don’t love back, he reconnects with Zeel, and together they start sketching out a less numerical, more whimsical future.

2019: Words Over Numbers

Zeel, working her magic at AllEvents.in, saw Devam drowning in the sea of numbers and threw him a lifeline of letters. Devam, discovering that humor pays (finally!), swapped spreadsheets for sentences.

2020: The Pandemic Plot Twist

Covid-19 hit, and in a stroke of questionable genius, Zeel and Devam quit their jobs to start ByDevumm. Because nothing says "great timing" like launching a business in a global pandemic. It was a decision that was so brilliantly mediocre, it was almost genius.

2022: Romance Meets Revenue

Plot twist: Devam marries Zeel! She said yes, her family said yes, and even their pets seemed on board. ByDevumm wasn't just a business; it was a love story with a side of invoices.

2023: The Birth of The Mediocre Co.

ByDevumm was a name that whispered 'unique' but also murmured 'what?'. So, in a moment of epiphany fueled by their love for the comfortably commonplace, Zeel (now Gala) and Devam rebranded to The Mediocre Co. Why? We embraced our identity as Jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none but certainly better than a master of one. It was less about lowering standards and more about finding joy in the ordinary, seeing the beauty in 'good enough', and celebrating the art of not trying too hard to stand out.

If our mediocre journey makes you want to be a part of our world then join us, we’re all set to welcome you with open arms, big hearts, and with wholesome mediocrity!

I want to be mediocre!