It is almost ironic how change is the only constant yet how everything around us is constantly changing! It’s 2020, the world is growing, people are evolving and mindsets are maturing. With the hustle of this year and so much more that has been coming into the picture, “online” is the new cool we’re all chasing. Business, teaching, and learning communicating, playing, singing and dancing, and possibly everything and every activity has now taken a digital toll.

With the world opting the digital path, it’s time to act smart and connect online with not just professionals but also our friends. Here’s a list of some of the exciting and fun online things to do with friends; Get your #squad and get started:

  1. Draw two-Draw four-Uno-Repeat 

Do you remember the last time you played board games with your friends on a great evening, fighting over uno rules because obviously, someone forgot to say “uno”? If that happened long back, here’s your chance at reliving those amazing memories. Many board games as well as arcade games are available on multiple platforms online with access to multiplayer and private room settings. Games like Uno, Poker, Ludo, and many more are an easy and fun source of rejuvenating and making memories with your squad online.

  1. Bye-bye Procrastination

Struggling with our everyday hustles and bustles, so many of us become the procrastination pioneers. Thanks to the Internet, our lives are guided by everything digital. It is a great way to finally end your procrastination and do the things you always planned to do but never really did them because of distance or access or availability! Chat with an old friend via social media, paint walls together, watch videos, and catch up together, play games, workout, or even party together joining a live DJ. These are some of the best online things to do with friends who live in different geographical locations!

  1. Get Hold Of Your Fitness Enthu-Friend 

We all have that one friend in our squad who is always enthusiastic and motivated to remain fit and likes yoga or workout or Zumba. Well, you don’t need to physically meet them to help you! You can learn yoga and dance your heart out in a fun Zumba session with your friends via online zoom calls or other applications with video calling features. 

  1. Read, Read, Read Some More

Remember when you were in school and had those library classes? Well, you can get just the same feel reading your favorite books with your avid-reader friends. There are so many online portals for e-books like Open Library, Good Reads, Kindle, etc which not only allow you to read your favorite books online but also lets you read them with your pals. Your book interests, genre and reading pace may differ. But the idea of reading your favorite novel and having your friend’s silent company while they read theirs can be a blessing in disguise! 

  1. Bake Some Cakes

The chef in you can reignite the cooking experiments and amazing dishes with your friends. I personally believe, cooking together with your friends is one of the most fun and exciting online things to do with friends. With the virtual world kicking in, recipes are shared and uploaded on the Internet. All you need to do is connect with your friends, cook your favorite dishes and enjoy the cooking process with friendly chats. Also, if you have a chef friend in your group, that’d be a cherry on the cake! 

  1. Discover A Hobby And Learn It Together 

Ever since I can go back and remember, we tend to create some of our most favorite hobbies with our friends, like playing badminton, or going to art classes, or even learning a new language! Well, it’s never too late and you’re never too old to stop learning what you like. And to make it better, you can do it along with your pals. You can learn to cook new dishes, paint canvases, learn new dance routines, a different language, a software like photoshop, playing an instrument, etc. and you can do it all online through video and audio calls. Distance is not stopping you, so what is? 

  1. There’s No End To Some Fun 

There are so many different applications like House Party and Discord which allow you to play old-school games like Pictionary, dumb charades, and ludo while you’re on the video call with your friends. This gives you a warm, real-like feeling while you connect and bond with your squad through different countries and time zones. You can even play a few games over a zoom call. 

  1. Start Something Of Your Own! 

If you are good at creating content, start a blog. If you’re good at content and expressing yourself to the public, start your own YouTube channel. If you’re good at styling or hair and makeup, start your own fashion blog. If you’re good at fitness and sports, start your page for health tips and fitness exercises. If you’re good at technology or dance routines or cooking, provide tutorials for a wider mass to follow. In either of these activities and much more online, you can always plan to collaborate with your friends and start something of your own! 

One of the most beautiful ideas is to plant your garden and small pots together via video calls! That’d be a tale to tell in the future, won’t it?

  1. Shop and Explore the Internet 

Online shopping has recently become the new go-to for almost all shopping enthusiasts. And who better to shop with than your BFF? You can now search the stores, look for virtual fittings, take suggestions and access virtual trials, and at the same time, get a Yay or a Nay from your pals. Exploring the Internet is yet another fun and exciting thing to do online with your friends. 

  1. Yoga Mornings with Screen shares 

With the recently highlighted feature of screen sharing, you can now do a zoom meeting or skype call with all your friends and share your screen making it visible to everyone in the chat room. This helps your friends view everything you wish to teach or helps you learn all Yoga asanas. What better way to start your day than feeling refreshed and energetic with your gang? Ok

  1. Sing a Song! 

Can you match the beats with the lyrics? Well, either way, it’s always fun to sing out loud your favorite songs with your friends. And what better than a karaoke night nostalgia and reliving a thousand stories that a single song can tell. Also, if it’s with your friends, there’s no judging because you all can be equally bad at it, right? 

  1. Netflix and chill is a real deal

Last but not the least, Netflix Party is a new way to watch movies and shows with your friends. Live reactions and comments, laughing, and crying together gives a real time feeling of presence and doubles the joy! Check out some of the best Netflix shows 2020 to watch with your friends. Netflix movies, best series 2020, and some amazing fun and drama awaits here for your group!

With the techno-buzzed world where everything and anything can happen in a single click, it is rather imperative that we keep up with the demands trends of the “Online”. Fun and exciting online things to do with friends involve a lot of fun and give you a happening experience altogether! Social media and various other platforms let you keep updated and in touch with your friends and loved ones, so make the most use of it, and don’t forget to have some SqaudFun!

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