Knowledgeable Writers

Our copywriters specialize in your industry to "get" your business and resonate with your customers. We ensure our copywriters are immersed in your niche. This means they understand buyer motivations and can create relatable, effective messaging.

Strategic Copy

We optimize copy to boost conversions across funnels from top-to-bottom. Going beyond the surface, we employ proven copywriting techniques to guide visitors into taking action. 

Friendly Service

Our simple process makes getting copywriting easy. We strive to make the process effortless and enjoyable through good communication, flexibility, and delivering on time.

We're the Top Cats of Captivating Copy!

Spread your arms to welcome the OG copywriting squad to bring the magic. What makes our copywriters different from the stale copycats? For starters, we craft scalpel-sharp words with big hearts, not corporate robots churning out generic gibberish. Versatile creative finesse is our specialty – giving a fresh voice to blogs, product pages, digital ads, landing pages, email campaigns, web content, and more across ALL niches. How do you ask? By leading with empathy and a dash of humor while keeping your eyes laser-focused on what makes your audience tick and your goals sing.

Benefits Of Hiring A Copywriter (You would know, you came looking for it)

Boring you is bad business. Our standout style stands heads above generic copy to engage readers. With a distinctive voice and hint of quirk, we create content with character and clarity. In the world of words, where attention spans are fleeting and generic copy is swiftly discarded, investing in professional copywriting is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity. Shift your content from the ordinary to the extraordinary, ensuring that every word contributes to the success of your business. 

Well-researched Copy

Cookies are sweet, but a copy that resonates with your customers is sweeter! We dive deep into your target audience - their wants, needs, and goals to shape a copy that strikes a chord.

SEO-friendly Copy

We blend creativity with SEO best practices for copy that entertains, informs, and ranks high on search engines.

Content For Every Medium And Goal

Website copy, blogs, ads, social media posts - you name it, we craft it. Our versatile skills allow us to shape words for every platform and purpose.

Stop Settling For Bland Brand Babble (blah blu blu blu)

Wake up your website with words that deliver your message like a double shot of espresso. Our copywriters craft compelling copy that intrigues your customers and boosts conversions. We blend strategy with creativity to share your brand story without sounding blah blu blu blu. Let us energize your online presence with writing that leaves a lasting impact, not another case of website wallpaper.

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Copywriting is like crafting the flashy billboard that says, "Buy this now!" Content writing is more about the friendly chat that says, "Let's grab a coffee and chat about life." We excel at making both the billboard and the coffee date sound just right—because, in the world of words, even mediocrity can be quite spectacular.

Whenever you search for copywriting charges or any charges/fees related to content or copywriting, know that you will usually not get a specific figure. Who will randomly throw a figure without understanding the project? Amateurs and we certainly aren’t that. So, come chat with us and we will help you with an appropriate quote after getting the deets.

We do provide a small form content for blog and website content, but for copy? Nah, we don't do that for free. You see, we're the masters of mediocrity, not charity. If you want a taste of our exceptional averageness, you might need to dig into those pockets a bit. After all, brilliance comes at a price, even if it's brilliantly mediocre

Well, I can definitely understand the budget juggle, especially when you're in the business birthing phase. While I can't magically make money appear, I can offer you top-notch copy deal. Let's find a middle ground where your pockets aren't crying, and my fridge isn't empty. Deal?

Seriously, you searched for that? Our brilliance comes at a price, darlings! It's like asking for bottling-up rainbows—we're The Mediocre Company, not fairy godmothers. But hey, keep dreaming, and maybe one day, we'll accidentally drop a genius idea while sipping our coffee. Cheers to wishful thinking!

Looking for clients? Well, you won't find them hiding in our coffee mugs or under our desks. We're exceptional at being mediocre, not at handing out clients. But seriously, we're in the same boat, mate. If you discover a gold mine of clients, do share the coordinates. We'll be right behind you... or maybe slightly in front, if there's a shortcut. 🕵️‍♂️✨

At The Mediocre Company, our copywriting might be considered criminal if it convinces you that choosing average is a stellar idea. Beware: we're experts at making the mundane sound mysteriously tempting. Trust us, even our crimes are unremarkably extraordinary!

Well, if making money was as easy as juggling words, we'd be typing this response from our private island. Copywriting certainly adds value, but sadly, it doesn't come with a direct deposit of gold coins. Yet here we are, crafting words in the hopes that one day, someone decides to pay us a truckload for our linguistic brilliance. 🚀💸

ure, you could DIY the copy. It's a bit like fixing your own plumbing – potential for a mess, unexpected leaks, and a few regrets. We're here to make your words sparkle without any waterworks.