Grammar Guardians

Our editing services ensure flawless grammar while allowing for creativity, so your message stands out without sacrificing correctness.

Tailored Excellence

No two pieces are alike, and neither are our services. We tailor our proofreading and editing to suit your specific needs, ensuring a bespoke transformation that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Punctuation Perfection

Elevate your punctuation game from mundane to magnificent (mediocre!). Our super editors sprinkle the right punctuation marks like confetti, ensuring your message is clear, concise, and captivating.

The Mediocre Next Level Editing & Proofreading Services

Our suite of proofreading & editing services is designed to refine your content and advance it to new pinnacles of clarity and professionalism. Whether you require a vision to catch typos, enhance logic, rephrase sentences for improved flow, or ensure originality, our editing & proofreading services cover a spectrum of the same.


Our proofreading services primarily focus on recognizing and rectifying errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We review your content to ensure it is error-free, improving overall readability.

Copy Editing

Our copy editing services not only correct grammar and spelling but also address issues related to style and overall consistency. This ensures your content piece maintains a cohesive and polished tone.

Plagiarism Check

We employ advanced tools to conduct thorough plagiarism checks, ensuring that your content is entirely original and free from unintentional instances of plagiarism.

Detective Level Content Proofreading & Editing

The Mediocre Co. – Where proofreading and editing services reach another level – or, well, at least a comfortable middle ground. Why choose The Mediocre Co.? Well, we’re not claiming to be the Hemingways of the editing world, but we’ve got a knack for turning your text into oh-so-mediocre! (Just kidding, we mean awesome, stunning, beautiful) Here’s why you should consider The Mediocre Co. for all your proofreading and editing needs:

Not Shakespeare, Just Solid

Expect straightforward, no-nonsense editing that gets the job done without unnecessary literary gymnastics.

Global Grasp, Local Charm

Whether you're writing for a global audience or a local community, our editors understand the nuances.

Your Words, Your Voice

Your unique voice matters. We're not here to drown it in a sea of thesaurus-induced complexity. Our editors work to enhance your style, not overshadow it. Your words, our polish – a harmonious duo.

Speedy Gonzalez Approval

Tight deadlines? No problem. We pride ourselves on lightning-fast turnaround times. Submit your content, take a coffee break, & voila – it's back, polished, and ready to impress.

No Boring Grammar Lectures

Forget the grammar police. We won't bore you with all the grammatical implications. Our focus is on making your content grammatically sound without the yawns.

We Survive The Spellchecks

Our team survives the spellcheck, armed with dictionaries and an unwavering commitment to accuracy.

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At The Mediocre Co., we offer both proofreading and editing services, but let's break down what differentiates the two:

Proofreading Services: This is the last step in the writing process, focusing on surface-level mistakes such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. It's like the final polish before your manuscript is ready for the world to see. It's like the finishing touches on a beautiful painting - small, meticulous details that make the whole picture shine. It's all about ensuring everything is consistent and free from minor errors. So, if you're worried about typos and awkward phrasing, look no further than our proofreading services.

Editing Services: This process happens before proofreading and focuses on big-picture issues. It's like the architect of your writing, working on the structure, organization, and overall flow of your content. It's like the director of a film ensuring that the scenes are in the right order and the actors are playing their roles convincingly. It's about improving the overall quality of your writing, making sure it's engaging, logical, and easy to follow. So, if you're looking for someone to enhance the depth and breadth of your writing, turn to our editing services.

In short, proofreading is all about the details, while editing is about the big picture. Both are crucial for producing high-quality, error-free content. At The Mediocre Co., we offer both services to ensure your content is top-notch from start to finish.

 At The Mediocre Co., we believe in transparency and offering services that cater to your budget without compromising quality. Our Online Proofreading and Editing Service pricing is designed to provide exceptional value for your investment. Every project is unique, and so are our pricing options. We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Reach out to us directly for a personalized quote based on the specific requirements of your content.

At The Mediocre Co., we strive to provide exceptional proofreading and editing services that elevate your content.

We proofread nearly all document types, including business and technical writing, blog posts, website content, academic papers, essays, resumés, cover letters, marketing materials, newsletters, books, and more.

 Every proofreading order receives an experienced human editor who carefully reads each document word for word to catch issues no software program alone could catch. We offer high-quality manual checking.

We utilize the latest software like Grammarly in our process, but the “secret sauce” is always manual review by our meticulously trained human editors/proofreaders. No automated tool alone can match their expertise.

Our editing and proofreading service is ghost-free (unless Casper drops by for tea). We won't conjure any grammar-obsessed spirits to haunt you, but we'll make sure your writing is hauntingly good in its own right.

Fear not, for we are masters of untangling linguistic spaghetti! Our editing and proofreading service will straighten out even the most convoluted sentences, ensuring your ideas shine through the tangled mess like a gourmet dish.

Alas, we can only work with the words you provide. Our proofreading service online aims to enhance your existing content, not rewrite it in Elizabethan prose. But hey, who knows? Shakespearean gibberish might be the next big thing!

Our proofreaders have developed a remarkable emotional resilience over the years. They've seen it all, from typos that could make a grown writer weep to grammar so tortured it would bring tears to Mark Twains’ eyes. Rest assured, they won't shed a tear, but they might send you an empathetic virtual hug.

Ah, the age-old question of cost! Unfortunately, we don't accept gold coins or unicorn tears as payment (we're still working on our magical currency converter). As for the price, it depends on the length and complexity of your document. Contact us, and we'll provide a quote that won't make you sell your soul to the grammar gods.

Ah, puns—the highest form of wordplay! While we can't guarantee to improve your puns (some are just too pun-derful to touch), we'll make sure they don't suffer from grammar or spelling blunders. Because a poorly executed pun is a pun-fortunate event indeed!