“Make your way and get an Internship!” It is the most prevalent statement that students come across after completing high school or during college years. Internships are a crucial part of a student’s career. One of the benefits of being an intern is that along with your education, you gain real work experience, interact with professionals, and can figure out what you want to pursue. But, the core question is what internships you can do and how you can find a felicitous one.

In this article, we have a list of internships that students in India can do after 12th or during college.

Take A Glance At the List of Internships Opportunities in India in 2024 for School And College Students

Intern Abroad

Many programs offer internships to college students which facilitates both in-country and remote. Such types of internships help students deepen their expertise, enhance cultural intelligence, and expedite professional development. These programs mainly include teaching internships where the student is paired up with an experienced teacher, allowing them to practice their communication and teaching skills.

If you want to apply for an international internship you can apply it here: International Internships

Content Writing Internship

You can intern as a content writer or a copywriter as per your skills and interest and perhaps get paid for it. Numerous freelance writing internships are also available. It typically includes writing and editing content, writing blog posts and articles, curating scripts for videos and podcasts.

Content writing internships are further classified based on writing and these are-

  • Blogging
  • Email
  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting

Great communication skills, willingness to learn and research, and most importantly, patience and diligence are the qualities that will get you content writing internships. If you have a good hand at writing, click on the link below to discover a suitable internship for yourself.

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Internship in Journalism

There are many journalism programs and internships provided for high school and college students that fit all interests. Journalism internships specialize students in writing, broadcast skills, reporting, and research. Some internships are sponsored by leading organizations like The New York Times that provide great exposure to students. These types of internships help students build their connections which play a vital role in the development industries.

If you want to apply for journalism internship in 2021 you can apply it here: Journalism internship

Teaching Internship

Various teaching internships are offered to high school and college students. These internships may be paid or unpaid. The interns assist their leading teachers in preparing the schedule and study materials for the students. They create activities, lesson plans, and teach small groups of students. Teaching interns are responsible for assigning and checking student’s homework and preparing test series for them.

If you have relevant teaching and communication skills you can apply for these internships: Teaching internship

Hospitality Internship

Hospitality internships are best suited for students who are interested in a career that allows them to interact with a variety of people. Students who wish to pursue their careers in this field must have good interaction skills. Hotels, restaurants, and event management companies are great for hospitality internships.

If you want to ace the hospitality industry, try your luck with internship here: Hopitality internship

Retail Internship

Retail internships provide college students with great exposure in the field of management. The students are bestowed with vast knowledge of finance, inventory, and teamwork. Working with retail management can give college and school students valuable experience in how to manage businesses. These internships can be done by students of any field.

Retail internship opportunities

Translation Internship

Students acquainted with one or more foreign languages can apply for these types of internships. They can gain experience with their subject by interning as translators. While working as an intern in the translation field, college students and school students can gain expertise in that particular language and enhance their communication skills. The interns might get paid a decent stipend in these internships. It will also help you interact with people from all over the world, build connections and learn about different cultures.

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Academic Research Internship

Students are provided with opportunities to research in their field. The interns work with experienced academics to closely study a subject. They are provided with the opportunity to research and explore their subjects. Students passionate about reading complex and different theories are well suited for such internships.

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Social Work Internships

These internships are mainly offered by non-profit organizations for school students and undergraduates. This is a professional experience for students to study and observe the performance of other professionals.

These types of internships have less student participation. Day-to-day responsibilities of interns involve preparing agendas and discussing with instructors, preparing case management, evaluating client needs, and proposing solutions to current challenges. Social work interns can work with NGOs and teach students deprived of educational facilities. Along with practical experience and field training, interns work closely under the guidance of licensed social workers. In a social work internship, you are assigned a task according to your skillset.

Do some good for the society, and apply for social work internship.


These internships are offered by many political leaders who hire interns for their political campaigns. Political internships aid students to build valuable connections. Students having a keen interest in politics can go for these internships as they will provide them with field experience and the bigger picture of how campaigns and elections are held. You can even reach out to local politicians or candidates for such internship opportunities.

Digital Marketing Internship

Social media marketing internships are one of the trending internships these days. Many companies hire interns to handle their social media accounts and pay them a decent stipend. The responsibilities of a social media intern are to create posts for various platforms, produce content for the page and interact with the customers on behalf of the company. School students and undergrads from any field are eligible for this internship. Students studying media and communication can build a strong resume by doing social media marketing internships.

Digital marketing internship will give you great exposure at an early age. Apply for it here.

Performing Arts Internship

These internships for high school students provide a brilliant platform where they can enhance their entertainment skills. Students who wish to pursue their careers in this field can seek out performing arts internships. These are happy-to-work internships where you receive credit for your talent. Performing arts offer students internships in dance, music, film, acting, and theatre. Interns gain real-life experience and professional aspects required in the entertainment industry.

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Visual Arts Internship

Visual Art internship for high school students provides a strong foundation for a career in arts. These internships are best suited for students who have a keen interest in arts. All you need is a basic knowledge of arts and drawing to apply for these internships. Interns in visual arts are bestowed with the opportunity to learn about arts of different cultures and get familiar with the business ethics of the art industry. The interns often work in a museum, gallery, or studio with the assisting artists. Fine arts mainly include painting, pottery, conceptual art, and sculpture.

Videography and Photography Internship

Videographers and photographers capture striking moments of individuals and companies. Videographers use audio equipment and video cameras to create short films and documentaries and photographers use cameras to capture images of nature, wildlife, people, and events.

You just need to have a basic knowledge of cameras and video cameras to apply for these internships. Interns work under professional and leading photographers and videographers and gain huge work experience from them. They learn about the basic technicalities of cameras, techniques of getting a perfect snapshot, ways to improve the picture quality or the video quality and different editing methods of hot and video.

Check the internship opportunities for Videography and photography.

Film Making Internship

Many companies offer interesting and thrilling internship opportunities to high school students. Film interns perform a variety of tasks in such internships. Their day-to-day responsibilities involve performing administrative duties, working on sets with a filming crew as a support person, running errands for the crew, and talent on a project. They mainly work on film, television, or media projects. Film interns should be flexible and have a good knowledge of the production industry. Strong organisational and communication skills and the ability to handle unique problems add a brownie point for the students willing to apply for filmmaking internships. There are numerous internship opportunities in India in this field. These internships will help you build your contacts and experience the real world of the production industry.

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Customer Support Internship

Leading companies are providing various customer service internship opportunities in India in 2021. These internships involve various responsibilities performed by the interns daily. Interns have to greet the client on the company’s premises and answer the queries of the customers through call or email. They need to maintain a record of the company’s customer experience and provide impressive service to them so that they retain their faith in the company. In addition to this, answering phone calls, taking suggestions and remarks from the customers are some of the jobs that a customer support intern needs to perform. You must have good communication skills and should be aware of email writing. Knowing more than 1 or 2 national languages would be an add on for these internships. As an intern, you will learn how to tackle critical problems, develop management skills, and build connections with the companies.

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Animation Internship

These days animation is in huge demand in the industry. It is an incredible internship opportunity for high school students. Many leading companies are offering animation internships in India in 2021. You need to have good drawing skills, life drawing particularly, a knack for storytelling, ability to work under pressure, and keen about details. Such internships help students to turn their raw artistic talent into proficiency and teach them the development of computer applications by using 2D and 3D.

Students get hands-on experience along with the other skills required in this field such as communication, teamwork, and applied mathematics. Common fields related to animation are mobile game development, character animation, visual effects, and advertising. Animators create a wide range of animation and visual effects for television, films, video games and develop storyboards, drawings, and illustrations.

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Graphic Designing Internship

Graphic design has gained a huge attention of the students. There are many graphic designing internships in 2021 which are offered by renowned companies. Even freelancers hire interns to help them meet their client requirements. The responsibilities of a graph designing intern are to create visual effects using computer software or hands and design applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, logos, and reports.

They create various illustrations to help deliver a message. You need to know any of this frequently used designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CoralDraw, Inkscape, etc.

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YouTube Marketing and Management Internship

YouTube has become a great source of income nowadays. Youtube marketing and management involves a vast range of jobs. Interns’ responsibilities include visiting showrooms and different places for video shooting, video editing, uploading videos on YouTube regularly, handling YouTube accounts and keeping updates of the followers, and creating content for YouTube videos. Students applying for these internships must have proficiency in Hindi and English. During the internship, students learn about social media marketing, video editing, creative writing, and business communication.

These were the top generic internships in India in 2021 for high school and college students.

Let’s have a quick look at the renowned internships specific to a particular field.

  • Computer Science Internship
  • Marketing Internship
  • Finance Internship
  • Engineering Internship
  • HR Internship
  • Architecture Internship
  • Humanities Internship
  • Law Internship
  • Science Internship
  • Health Care Internship
  • Fashion Design Internship
  • Interior Design Internship
  • Software Internship
  • Electrical Internship

This was the entire list of the amazing internship opportunities in 2021 for high school and college students where they can earn, gain professional experience, and develop their skills without neglecting their core studies. This entire blog will help you figure out the internships according to your skillset and preference and discover your career path. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link provided with every internship and apply now to your preferable ones.

Keep reading and stay tuned for more amazing, exciting, and enlightening blogs.

All the best!

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