Instagram has become a sensation not only among Genz but also people of all generations. It has seen an escalation over the past few years and is one of the top social media platforms for engagement today. Instagram consistently updates itself with exciting features. The ban of Tik-Tok created turmoil among the mass. As a replacement to this, Instagram popped up with yet another engrossing feature- Reels. Instagram Reels is the brand new Instagram feature where users can create short engaging videos and post them on their stories or feed. Trending Instagram reels have added flavor to our dull and monotonous lives. It is one of the best ways to chirk up and add fun to your tedious routine.

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Take A Look At The Trending Reels Of 2023 in India

It’s been a while, but we’re back! After a brief hiatus, we here at the Trending Instagram Reels in India blog are thrilled to announce our return. We know you missed us nearly as much as we’ve missed all of you, so it’s time to get right back into the groove of things.

Our team has been hard at work putting together some new content that will be sure to bring your feed up-to-date with what’s happening on Instagram Reels in India. We know there have been some changes and updates since our last post, and we can’t wait to share them with you! So stay tuned for more exciting updates from us soon – it’ll be like nothing happened!

List of Trending Reel in India During May 2023

DJ FronteoCupid Twin (Sped Up) (Remix)

This is a trending Instagram sound that can be again used creatively in any reel you’d want to upload on Instagram.

List of Trending Reel in India During April 2023

Taal Se Taal (FarooqGotAudio Remix)

This is a taal se taal remix by instagram user FarooqGotAudio. You can use this music for Photodump reel, dance on it or do whatever you want to do creatively. You just need sense of taal to use this trending reel song.


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Baharla Ha Madhumas- Ajay Atul x Shreya Ghoshal Reel

Its a reel based on the song Baharla Ha Madhumas a Marathi song composed by Ajay Atul and sung by the immensely talented Shreya Ghoshal. This trending instagram song was all over Instagram since April through May.


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A post shared by Divya Maiya (@divyamaiya)

List of Trending Reel in India During March 2023

Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage Meme

It’s one of the most popular reels circulating among Indians today, and for good reason. This delightful bit of humour tells the story of Nicholas Cage riding shotgun as Pedro Pascal drives down the California coast blaring Cass Elliot’s cheerful 70s hit “Make Your Own Kind Of Music.” As the music beats ever louder, Cage turns to glare menacingly at Pascal, who is giggling like a schoolboy just having fun. This meme perfectly captures the mix of emotions we can all relate to—the excitement of an adventure tempered by the uncertainty of the unknown.


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List of Trending Reel in India During January 2023

Kun Faya Kun

This goldmine of a song from the movie Rockstar is being hilariously used in the new trend. A person is thrown out of the house with his bag due to most stupid reasons. This reel for sure will make you chuckle.

Dilbar- Trending Instagram Song

It’s a photo/video dump song with cuts and transitions where you can showcase all of your cool videos or photos in one reel.


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The Shauq is a trending reel song that was quite a hit in January, It’s from a Netflix movie Qala. Check out the reel to know what is happening

Take A Look At The Trending Reels Of 2022 in India

List of Trending Reel in India During May 2022

The Tigini Trend

One of the most trending challenge of the month, in this trend influencers dress like a particular movie character, from a particular movie scene and describe their situation though it. It’s hilarious to see content creators and memers coming up with their own versions

Golmaal Challenge

A trend for all the dancers and influencers is out there. Influencers are posting reels hopping their feet on this famous song “Golmaal” and dancing their heart out. Its an easy challenge to let yourself free and enjoy the beat with your friends.

Buhe Bariya

This month this famous song of Kanika Kapoor is wining hearts as well as the lists. You don’t have to specifically do anything in this reel, people and influencers are boasting their party look, making transition videos or even photo and video edits, you can simply add your favourite video and watch it fit like magic.


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Obsessed with You Trend

People and influencers are using this trending audio to add to their favourite memory from any moment or a particular memory , or simply show their skills and moves, transition and tutorial videos are also being made on this trend. The trend is also immensely popular among couples.

List of Trending Reel in India During April 2022

The Cool For Summer Trend

“Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind” ,this trend is raising up the heat as influencers dance on the song “Cool for Summer” by Demi Lovato and flaunt their summer ready bodies.  It’s among the must try trends this summer.


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A post shared by Tejasswi Prakash (@tejasswiprakash)

The Pasoori Trend

The Coke Studio track by Shae Gill and Ali Sethi has won over the internet completely. People are either lip syncing and  making their transition videos  or simply adding the track to their favourite synced video. It’s fun to notice how versatile yet popular and enjoyable this trend is.

The iPhone Calling Trend

This trend was mostly used by people to flaunt their March Vacation pictures and videos. The trend starts with a person receiving a call from a particular place on an  iPhone and is followed by pictures and videos of that particular place, when the phone is answered. People are coming up with different innovative ways to keep up with this trend.


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The Kesariya Trend

People have gone nuts over the audio teaser from Brahmastra. People are posting their dancing, transition,lip syncing and beautiful scenic videos on the famous audio track. The track is also used by people to flaunt themselves in traditional attire.   Editors are adding this track to the wedding edits of Ranbir and Alia.


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List of Trending Reel in India During March 2022

Find your Celebrity Twin Trend

This is hands down the easiest trend of the month. All you need to do is record a reel with “find your celebrity twin filter” on. The filter shows which celebrity do you resemble the most.

The Head Shoulder Knee Trend

This is among the most popular trends of the month. All you need to do is dance pointing your head, shoulder, knee and toes, syncing to the audio. Influencers and dancers are using it to boast their dancing skills.


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A post shared by Skylar Brandt (@skylarbrandt)

The Ishq Bulava Trend

This cute trend has the ishq bulava song playing in the background, with people posing according to the lyrics. All you need to do is, add the audio and make a video using the filter called “every summertime”, which captures six different moments  and makes a collage of them in the end.

The Intro El Father Trend

This trend has been winning the internet for quite a time now. People are flaunting  their dance and moves on this remix. Influencers are following this trend and making a reel especially when out on a vacay, at the beach. It’s adorable  to see small kids and non dancers trying on this trend.


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List of Trending Reel in India During February 2022

The REZ Edge trend

This trend is by far the easiest trend you are going to find on Instagram in the month of February. Many influencers say it is very hard to coordinate with the sound but with just a little practice, you are going to ace it. All one has to do is move their phone into different directions on the beat of the sound and move their face to the opposite direction. You can move your phone above your head and to your side. 


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A post shared by Avneet Kaur Official (@avneetkaur_13)

The “I am shy” trend

This is basically a transition trend where the reelers shyly lip sync to the sound in their baggy clothes and dreaded hair and in the next minute on the “I am not shy” lyric, they transition to appearing all dressed up and confident. The makeup influencers are using this trend to flaunt their makeup skills by doing colourful and smoky makeup.


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Ginseng Strip 2002 trend

A song by Yung Lean, Ginseng Strip 2002 is very trending on Instagram reels recently. “Bitches come and go (Bruh),  But you know I stay, Bitches come and go (Bruh), But you know I stay”. Influencers are lip-syncing these lyrics but not in the easy way like you are accustomed to. They are surprising their partner and friends by suddenly singing these lyrics while looking at them. Not only that but the people with little pets are even trying this trend on them. How cute it is. If you have a pet that you are dying to show on social media, this trend is for you.


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Chaand Baaliyan Song Trend

The Song Chand Baaliyan by Aditya A. Has been trending on Instagram in February for quite a time now. And the best part about this particular trend is that you don’t specifically have to do something. Influencers and reelers are lip-syncing to the song, recreating makeup looks, asking edits and some are even getting ready on this beautiful song. You are free to do your own. If you have a cooking page or a small business on Instagram you can showcase your skills and products and use this dreamy and melodious song to make your reel viral and your small business and Instagram page grow.


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Take A Look At The Trending Reels Of 2021 in India

List of Trending Reel in India During November

Jugnu Challange

It’s your boy Badshah yet again with another viral song and his song is making rounds on Instagram as an Instagram Challenge, Jugnu challenge. Where you will have to do the hook step of his Jugnu song.


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A post shared by BADSHAH (@badboyshah)

Koi Sehri Babu 🕺 Viral Reel

This trending reel song went viral after three dancers came together and made a fluid groovy dance video, which looks way too smooth. (Wish I could dance that well 😭)


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A post shared by Sagar Bora (@sagar_bora)

Bombay Vikings • Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye Viral Reel

Again the trio who gave us a viral reel video in India were seen together yet again on a dance number, which this time was a classic number Hawa mein udati Jaaye by Bombay Vikings. Check it out:


This is a trend typically of animal reels, a cute one nonetheless. No need of explaining the video, check the video out yourself.

Doja Cat • Up And Down

Doja cat is again back as a viral Instagram song, Up and Down is on the list.  It’s a transitional Instagram video. Where one minute you feel like $#!t another minute you’re $#!t.


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A post shared by Laakshi Pathak (@_laakshi_)

The Vibing Baby

This video started to become a popular Instagram reel in November, in this, you can see the baby vibing after the relatable content you’ve created. Check the video below:

List of Trending Reel in India During October

MC Levin • Sua amiga deu

This Portuguese song is making its round on the internet including Instagram, top Instagram reel creators are following this trending reels song to groove. This trend follows a dance routine same as other trending Instagram songs.


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A post shared by Avneet Kaur Official (@avneetkaur_13)

Might be ft. PnB Rock

In this reel, the creator does …. well check it out yourself because I’ve no clue what to describe in this Instagram trending song.

List of Trending Reel in India During September

Doja Cat • Get into it(Yuh)

Doja cat is ruling the Trending section of Instagram reels in the month of September, and she has many songs on the trending list of Instagram reels this month including Get into it (yuh). Creators dance on this song with a dance routine that can be attempted by non-dancers as well, this makes it easy for everyone to jump on this Instagram reel trend.


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Put my money x Tumse Milke Dil Ka

This glow-up transition video is ft by your desi side. Start the video by being in your natural look, then wait for the beat to drop, and transit yourself in your bold desi or traditional look, and astonish everyone with your stunning looks.


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A post shared by kash (@kash.riyat)

Doja CatWoman

Get ready to groove and show your smooth moves on this song. The soothing beat won’t let you stand still, you’ll have to get on the dance floor and shake your hips with your dance routine. This trending reel in India is also trending worldwide.


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List of Trending Reel in India During August

Catch My face

To overcome the boredom and weariness of sitting home more often as we are still limiting social gatherings, Instagram sprung up with a hilarious and fun way to stay entertained. Catch my face is an awesome filter or a fun game to stave off boredom. When the filter is turned on and you hit the record button, your eyes, nose, and mouth start floating and you are left with a blurry scary face. The core aim is to blink your eyes and lock each moving part in its correct position and complete your face. This has become one of the most trending reels in India in August.


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Bachpan ka Pyaar

This might have surely bought a grin on your face. The video of a schoolboy from Chattisgarh singing “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” in his classroom spread like wildfire on social media and people are watching it on loop. The kid’s innocence and captivating voice have won everyone’s heart. From TV celebrities to social media influencers, everyone is creating hilarious reels using the sensational kid’s voice and recalling their Bachpan ka Pyar. This reel became so trending in India that famous rapper Badshah featured a song with Sahdev Dirdo the viral kid from Instagram Reels.


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A post shared by Bharti Singh (@bharti.laughterqueen)

Sound off Challenge

It is yet another amusing reel that is trending in India these days. All of you have to do is play the song Venom and turn off its sound. Now you have to guess the correct timing when the word Venom appears in the song. It is a fun reel made by people with their friends and family.

Sound off reels brought innovation to this challenge by using the Friends theme song. In this, you have to play the theme song of the famous reality TV series, Friends, and turn off the sound. The sole motive is to clap at the correct time as that in the theme song.


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Loka to chupa ke rakhi

These are the lyrics of a euphonious song Surma sung by Amir Khan. Many social media influencers have been making romantic reels on the reprised version of this song. “Loka to chupa ke rakhi” is the new trending reels in India that have stormed Instagram and are mainly created by couples.


Bawla is the latest song of the well-known Indian rapper- Badshah. People are going gaga over this song and creating endless reels. Prominent choreographers are emerging with beautiful choreographies and making spectacular reels on this audio. Check out this reel which is trending in India to create your own variant of this trend.

Meet the squad

Meet the squad reels has No Roots audio attached with it. You can use this audio to introduce your squad to the whole world(or to those who see your reels). The squad can be your family, friends, or people at your workplace. This reel has short random clips of all the people being introduced in the video. It tells the viewers name and traits of each person in your squad.


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You can do it

You can do it reels are created on the music- Boburnham by Bezos. The creators brief the viewers about their names, year of birth, and success story. These reels showcase a comparison of before and after. So get ready to show your glow and growth in this trending reel.

Idhar Udhar challenge

This is a fun challenge that has been trending in reels in August. It is a delight to make and watch such reels. The two individuals stand face to face. The person has to face in the opposite direction of that demonstrated by the second person. The one who does this right the maximum number of times wins the challenge. This Instagram challenge can be done by anyone and everyone that wants to have some fun and wants to join this trend on Instagram Reels.


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Instagram viral reel, fake_off12 has the song fake off12 attached to it. There is a buffering effect editing in it. Amidst the reel, the video pauses showing a pose of the creator along with a message.


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Questions I get asked | Trending Instagram Reels

This is quite an interesting reel trending on Instagram nowadays. It is created on the song, “The Magic Bomb” by Hoang Read. Many famous celebrities, social media influencers, and small business owners have been seen making this fascinating trending reel in which they dance on a particular routine and answers the questions most frequently asked to them.


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Please don’t say my name!

“Let me raise a toast to the girl I love the most” are lyrics from the song of the movie The Little Rascals- Bubble Trouble which is sung by Alfalfa. Creators are seen making cute videos on these lyrics with their loved ones. Many creators have improvised this trending reel by adding fun elements to it and making it even more interesting and comical.

Doja Cat- Need To Know

This audio is by Doja Cat where the creators of this video move the camera in a given pattern that looks elegant (or at least they think it’s elegant). In order to be a part of this trend, hit the record button and star in this trending reel on Instagram.

Baby – Slow Version

The sensational singer, Justin Bieber released his song Baby in 2010 that stormed everyone’s heart and is still in their minds. The new Baby 2.0 which is the slow version of Baby is trending on Instagram Reels and people are making numerous reels on this.


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Say No

All of you have to do for this Instagram trend is to say no with an expression like angry, happy, flirty, or guilty that appears on the reel. If you are passionate about acting, then such reels are the best way to showcase your talent.


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AP Dhillon, an eminent singer, released a brand new song – Insane. The video creators are grooving on this song and it has now become one of the most trending reels of August. This song has to be recorded with a specific dance routine (of course, you can always be creative and add to the trend). After watching this reel, we can surely say that you would be unable to stop yourself from grooving on this song.


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Tell me you are an Indian

“Tell me you are an Indian without telling me you are an Indian” is yet another fascinating reel that gained enormous admiration among Indian video creators. The creators showcase in this reel some of the classic Indian traits without actually specifying them.

Sounds fun, right?


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Aadmi Chutiya Hai

This epic song is composed by Rahgir and it is trending on Instagram Reels. The people are making hilarious reels and characterizing the imbecile human aspirations and desires. For our foreign readers, it means the person is dumb to expect something for a given situation. If you have ever encountered someone with a silly and funny mindset, comment below your experience.


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This was a wrap of trending reels in India in 2021. We are certain that reading about these fun reels might have arisen a thrill amongst you. Okay, audience! Now it’s your turn. Let us know your favorite reel trend in the comments, from the above list, and do create one if you haven’t yet.

There is more coming with the next post. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

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