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Who Is The Mediocre Co.?

Simple. Effective. Mediocrity Done Right.

We flipped mediocrity and turned it on its head. Our name might raise eyebrows, but our work raises standards. We’re not your average content writers; we’re incredible storytellers who thrive on a whiff of weirdness and a sprinkle of intellect. Be a part of us & join the odd side of excellence!

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Mission, Vision, & Everything You Don’t Care About

Core Values:

At The Mediocre Co., we don’t just have values; we have quirks that make us who we are:


We wear our hearts on our sleeves and, sometimes, our sleeves on our heads. Understanding is our superpower, and weirdly, it works.


Our creativity flows like a river of glitter, bringing sparkle to every project. Think outside the box? We tossed the box into a black hole.


We embrace the weirdness like a long-lost friend. If normal isn't a setting on your dryer, you're in the right place.


Our mission is to assemble a squad of oddball geniuses who not only think outside the box but also redefine what a box should be. We strive to develop a work culture where every individual is encouraged to bring along their essence, making our Mediocre space as comforting as it is productive.


To create a world where mediocrity is redefined, where the oddballs reign supreme, and where work feels like an adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and an extra sprinkle of peculiarity.

Perks Of Working With The Mediocre(s)

Chaos is Our Comfort Zone:

If your spirit animal is a rubber duck and you thrive amidst controlled chaos, welcome home. We don't just handle randomness; we embrace it, pet it, and occasionally throw a party for it.

Casual Fridays Are Our Everyday:

Formalities? Nah, we're more about flip-flops and casual pants. Suit up in your regular jeans & graphic tees, and you'll fit right in. Our dress code? As peculiar as your favorite childhood imaginary friend.

Official Title: Master of Mediocrity:

Forget CEO, COO, or any other standard titles. At The Mediocre Co., you're the Master of Mediocrity, navigating the seas of randomness and leading the charge for exceptional oddity.

Your Career Playground:

Join us, not just for a job, but for an adventure. At The Mediocre Co., you'll discover that being weird isn't just allowed – it's celebrated!

The Odd Squad:

At The Mediocre Co., we don't just hire; we collect unique puzzle pieces that fit together to create something wonderfully bizarre. We're a crew of misfits, weirdoes, and creatives who turn their quirks into superpowers.

Coffee, Laughter, Repeat:

Our coffee machine is our MVP, and laughter is our anthem. We take our work seriously, but ourselves? Not so much.

Mediocrity never settles, and neither do we. Join a team that believes in constant growth, learning, and evolving  like a perpetual motion machine of knowledge. At The Mediocre Co., you're not an employee but a co-creator of excellence. Your ideas matter a lot. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where your career path might take a detour through the whimsical and the fantastic.