Types Of Guest Posting When Writing ForThe Mediocre Co.

Tutorials or How To Guides

Tutorials are your go-to guides, your sidekicks in the quest for knowledge. Think of them as the cool older sibling sharing life hacks – always beginning with that trusty 'how to' or '5 ways to' magic spell.

Tutorials aren't just about throwing information at you; they're about transforming your real-life experiences, turning you into the Jedi of your chosen domain (minus the lightsabers).

Picking the right tutorial topic to write on is like choosing the perfect avocado – specific, ripe, and bound to make your life a whole lot better. We dive deep into the real stuff, addressing problems you're likely facing. Because let's be real, who needs another tutorial on 'How to Inhale and Exhale'? Boringggg!

So, if you're itching to be the hero in someone's internet story, gear up! Write a guest post, bring out your wisdom on (our) guest posting sites, and show the world how it's done.

Generic Blogs

Welcome to the world of blogs so basic, they make a plain bagel jealous! Not too fancy, not too flashy, just your go-to pals for some daily wisdom infusion. Think 'List of,' 'Guide to,' or '10 Ways/Things/Places/' – you know the drill.

Ever wondered '10 Ways to Fold a Napkin'? Seeking a 'Guide to the Top 5 Salad Dressings'? We gotcha. These blogs are your daily scroll – straightforward, helpful, and as essential as coffee on a Monday morning.

Think of them as the friend who always has the best recommendations, whether it's '10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets' or 'A Guide to Surviving Awkward Conversations.'

If you're ready to spice up the content game, we're all ears for your guest posts. Share your wisdom, flex your writing muscles, and let's turn the internet into a playground of wit and wisdom!

Case Studies

Case studies are our secret content weapon. Why? Because they're not just stories; they're real-life adventures with all the juicy details and drama. Think of it as the 'True Crime' of the business world, minus the detectives and magnifying glasses (we'll leave that to Sherlock).

At The Mediocre Co., our guest blogging services don't just stop at any old content. Oh no! We're on the lookout for content writers who can turn raw, authentic data into a storytelling spectacle. It's like turning a plain sandwich into a five-star gourmet sandwich – challenging but oh-so-satisfying.

So, if you're a content writer who can keep the reader on the edge of their seat, spill the beans (the data beans, that is) and make it a party for the eyes. Guest post with us, and let's make case studies the rockstars of your content portfolio.

Psst... looking for guest posting sites that appreciate a good data-driven tale? You just found your digital abode.

Experimental or Personal Blogs

Ever had a jaw-dropping experience that deserves a blog post? If your tales have more unexpected turns than a GPS gone haywire, we're all ears! We're rolling out the red carpet for guest blogs.

Think your experiences could school even the most knowledgeable minds? Brilliant! We’re inviting guest bloggers who can serve wisdom with a side of ‘Wait, what just happened?’

If your experiments have left you with stories that are part comedy, part drama, and a dash of 'what on earth just happened,' we want YOU! Our readers are hungry for the unique, the distinctive, and the downright captivating.

So, freelance content writers, here's your chance to drop some knowledge bombs (the fun kind) on our pages. If your words can teach, entertain, and make someone snort-laugh, you're our kind of blogger.

Ready to turn your wild stories into words that resonate? Submit your experimental masterpiece, be part of the revolution, and let's create a guest post that's super unique!

Topics Contributors Can Write Their Guest Blogs On

Share your hacks, tips, and secrets for looking glamorous on a Tuesday or a rainy Sunday. Whether it’s skincare or makeup mastery, spill the beauty tea!
From the art of organizing sock drawers to how to brunch like a pro, bring your ‘life hack’ game strong. We’re all ears for your secrets!
Got a knack for teaching the universe how to bake the perfect cake or change a tire? Show off your instructional game!
Dive into the latest trends or break the internet with your insider news. Bonus points for making us go, ‘Wow, who would have known that!’
Lights, camera, action! Whether it’s dissecting movie plot twists or diving into the latest Netflix hits, show us your entertainment chops.
Dive into the festive spirit! Whether it’s sharing cultural celebrations like Diwali or music festivals like Coachella, let’s turn the page into a year-round carnival.
Got a list of activities for rainy days, sunny afternoons, or midnight adventures? Spill the beans and share your go-to ‘things to do’!

Basic Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We’re all about that content charisma. Only the unseen, the unheard, and the unexplored find a home here. If it’s been around the internet, it’s not the one for us.
Plagiarism isn’t our jam. However, if you’re dropping knowledge bombs, citing sources is absolutely fine.
We’re not counting your words like beans in a jar, but let’s aim for a sweet spot of 1000 words. Quality over quantity, always.
While we adore languages like a connoisseur adores fine wine, for now, English is our party language.
Check our site first, okay? We want original content, and no déjà vu moments.
Your words are precious gems, and we’re the expert jewelers. We might give them a little polish, but don’t worry; the sparkle stays.
We love a good hint, a subtle nudge, but let’s not turn this into a carnival of self-promotion. A link or two? Sure. A three-ring circus? No, thanks.
Outgoing links are the party guests, and we’re picky about the invites. Keep it relevant – no gatecrashers allowed (looking at you, dating, adult & gambling sites).
Once your masterpiece hits our stage, it’s an exclusive performance. No encore on other blogs, even if they offer flowers and standing ovations.
A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? (cliche quotes are a bore, but this fits; forgive us) So, let’s make it a visual feast. Attach those images and videos like decorations on a cake.
Share your draft on Google Docs – our virtual hangout. It’s where the real work happens, and a workshop for collaboration and feedback.

How To Submit A Guest Post?

Got your incredible guest post all set to knock our socks off? Excellent! Here’s how you go about it:

Draft Your Masterpiece

Get your content ready. We're talking about content that's so good that it practically high-fives itself.

Get Into Our Inbox

Your brainchild is ready for the limelight. Hit us up with your finest work, and send it to contact@themediocre.co.in

Questions, Concerns, Life Dilemmas? Hit Us Up

Need a virtual shoulder to cry on or just want to chat about the mysteries of the universe? Drop us a line on the same e-mail.

Credit Where Credit's Due

Worried about your baby's credit? Don't you worry; we're not content thieves. You get the due credit.

The World Needs To Know The Rockstar

Slide in your social media handle links and a one-liner bio – let's make this introduction as epic as a Marvel movie!

So, if you're a storytelling master, an idea machine, or someone who loves to make content sparkle, you've found your haven! Send us your A-game, and let's make this guest post journey legendary!

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